See what people are saying about Ballet Body:

“Ballet Body is a full body workout like no other. I’ve discovered muscles I didn’t know I had and those that I was aware of are now enjoying a whole new level of definition! The class is led by Sarah in a very professional and knowledgeable way, but we all manage to have a laugh and a giggle (when we remember to breathe!). Don’t get hung up on the word “Ballet” – instead think of the wonderfully poised, lean and toned body of a dancer and you’ll have a better understanding of what Sarah is helping us to strive towards. Would recommend to anyone as everyone can benefit regardless of shape, size or fitness level.”
Viki Michael, St Albans

“The exercises are different to anything I’ve done before and often work muscles previously undiscovered. I really felt I was really making progress when I was finally able to sit down the day after a Ballet Body session.

I used to experience a lot of lower back pain but the exercises and stretches in Ballet Body have improved my core strength so that my back is stronger and rarely painful. My arms are so much more toned since doing ballet. Holding my arms in ballet positions has been a brilliant way of strengthening them without weights.

Sarah is a very good teacher; she pushes us all but the classes are still fun. She’s welcoming, professional and fun. You just know that she really knows her stuff.”
Siân, Harpenden

Ballet Body Classes

“I wish I could attend Ballet Body classes every day as by the end of each class, I walk out feeling taller in body and lighter in spirit.

After my first term, I have become noticeably more supple and flexible; regaining and remembering what my body used to be like before children, time and gravity took their toll.

The classes are relaxed and friendly, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t hard work. I am certainly rediscovering muscles I had forgotten existed!”
Charlotte, St Albans

“We knew that our elite divers would benefit from learning the discipline of ballet technique. We asked Sarah if she could help in the run up to a national competition. Sarah put together a tailored programme for the team and we noticed marked improvement in their core strength, flexibility and alignment (line). Sarah was great with the team and identified and understood what they needed.  She helped us to build in some really useful additional structured training to support the team’s development. Since our work with Sarah, two of our divers have become National Champions, which is very exciting.

In our view, other sports should consider incorporating ballet as part of their training and conditioning programmes, as the benefits are invaluable.”     Harry Glover, Diving Development Officer, Active Luton.

“I have now lost two stone since joining this class and someone recently called me their ‘thinspiration.’ Not a word I connect with me! But Sarah’s class is the hardest I have done and the only thing I have tried that keeps me on the straight and narrow for the rest of the week. The music is brilliant, the class is varied (but always challenging) and Sarah was very welcoming of me – someone who does not (yet) have the classic ballet physique! I feel better about myself now than I have done for years. So thank you very much.”                                                                                Natalie, St Albans

“Twenty-five years after stopping doing ballet in my teens I really enjoy Ballet Body classes as it is a great way of toning and strengthening whilst incorporating ballet moves and music. I feel so lucky to have found an exercise class that I love.”

Charlotte Aubrey, Educational Psychologist, Harpenden

“The workout is fun and energetic. Prior to going to Ballet Body I had a few injuries that often played up. Since attending classes I have strengthened up those muscles, which has helped improve my overall strength. The workout makes me feel refreshed.

I would recommend these classes as they are hard work but low impact and great for injuries. There is nice music played too! Sarah keeps lessons original and my core strength has improved considerably. You also get to learn some basic ballet techniques.

I look forward to lesson every week :)
Claire Johnston Randall, Harpenden

“The class is friendly and I always look forward to going. Combining it with cardiovascular workouts has improved my body tone, strength and fitness in just 6 weeks!”
Kyla, Arts Manager, St Albans

Ballet Body Classes

“I enjoy the workout because it gives me some “me time”. I have noticed my bottom, tummy and leg muscles feeling much firmer which is a great feeling at nearly 50! I feel more in control of changes going on in my body and would recommend this class to all middle aged women – do it! Great fun – fit bum!!”
Mel Gough, Fashion Consultant, Harpenden

“Ballet Body is a wonderful way to tone up your body and gain greater flexibility through graceful ballet skills.  Sarah is a great teacher and helps you to achieve greater poise and flexibility each week, whilst having fun too.”

Lydia Phillips, Director, Water Babies, Herts

“Since attending Sarah’s ballet fitness classes I have discovered my inner ballerina! Her class is both enjoyable and informative and you find muscles you never knew existed. I would recommend the class to anyone of any age and fitness level.”
Jane-Anne Wardley, Pilates Instructor, Harpenden

“This is a fab class. It is fun and soothing due to the classical music but the movements although minimal are specifically targeted and you always feel the results the next day. I stand taller and feel fitter.”
Harpenden resident

Ballet Body Classes

“I love the classes and I feel that out of all I do during the week it is the toughest in terms of using my whole body and really stretching. I like the fact that we cover floor work and ballet exercises.”
Di Jesse, Harpenden

“This was my first session. Great workout. I was very pleased that the class was at a pace I could keep up with as I had a hysterectomy operation a few months previously. Felt great afterwards and told everyone all about the class. Sarah is a great instructor who is very gentle but can also push that bit further to help us achieve results. Thank you. Looking forward to more classes!”
Sara Miller, Harpenden

“I most enjoyed the ballet basis to the workout. The discipline of ballet – the requirement to “turn out” rather than in and the softness of arms. I gained my sense of “inner dancer” back whilst knowing that I was helping tone, stretch and strengthen my body. A great way to get fit, stay fit but also enjoy the experience.”
Harpenden resident

“Not having done any ballet before I was a bit apprehensive about joining the class. However, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the class, the exercises and the music. No thumping dance music, brilliant! The exercises push you and I certainly have improved my flexibility and strength. A super class.”
Rose Davey, Harpenden

Ballet Body Classes

“This is a brilliant class! Excellent fun – Sarah has a lovely sense of humour – but she also works you incredibly hard and you can feel your body toning and strengthening as you exercise. Definitely my favourite class of the week (actually I really miss it if I can’t go!). I feel stronger and more confident about my body.”
Sarah Bruce, Harpenden

“This class is perfect for those adults who like myself always fancied doing ballet but thought they had left it too late. In the six months that I have been doing the class I feel more toned and my flexibility is improving. I leave each class feeling energised, relaxed and an inch taller!”
Harpenden resident

“This is a must for men fighting the onset of middle age and a great antidote to the ‘slouch’ from office and desk based working. It is a great core strengthening and flexibility workout that I have found has helped both my running and resistance training.

I look forward to the sessions until we are only half way through and it is hurting! You definitely feel “the burn” during the plies but the exercises are both challenging and accessible to people with different levels of fitness and flexibility. They are also fun and Sarah does have a blokes’ sense of humour.

There is no dance element to this and fortunately for me there is no need for rhythm or to remember combination moves. There is a warm up and a warm down but not really any cardio. This is about developing core strength and improving posture and flexibility. It is more similar to Pilates than Aerobics. It’s no surprise that professional footballers do this kind of training.”
Tim Davey, Harpenden

Ballet Body Classes

“A very enjoyable class that is good for posture and stretching. It is challenging and interesting. Sarah’s instructions are very clear and she helps your body achieve the necessary stretches.”
Stephanie Harding, North Wales

“I most enjoyed learning about core and posture and trying to maintain it throughout the session. I least enjoyed the realisation of how stiff I was! Sarah’s instructions are really clear and easy to follow and I have gained a much better understanding of posture and will try to do this on a daily basis.”
Esther Roberts, North Wales

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workout and it exceeded all my expectations. Sarah is very professional and clear in her instructions. If this class was local to me I would definitely attend on a regular basis!”
Roxy Nugent, North Wales

See what people are saying about Barefoot Ballet

“I am thoroughly enjoying Barefoot Ballet. After each class you feel like you’ve had a great workout for both body and mind as you learn and perfect the different moves and postures. I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with my own body and challenging myself, and I can feel the improvement in my core strength. It’s a very friendly class with a great sense of camaraderie. We all help each other and have a laugh when we make mistakes. Sarah is an inspiring and creative teacher and in Barefoot Ballet she has developed an exciting new form of ballet-inspired exercise.” Jo Melville, Harpenden, 2016

 “Barefoot Ballet is different to anything I have ever done before… it is challenging and fun.  Sarah is a great teacher.  I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their body strength in a friendly and relaxed class.” Charlotte Aubrey, Harpenden, 2016

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first attended Sarah’s class. Barefoot Ballet is definitely different to any other class I have attended. It’s dynamic, challenges the brain and the body and feels like a ballet yoga fusion. Sarah’s focus on technique is amazing. I have only attended a couple of classes so far, which literally stretched me to the limit. A fantastic class, which I thoroughly enjoy. Take a towel and some water and be prepared to sweat!” Antoinette De-La-Motta, Watford, 2016

“Before starting this class I was nervous that I simply didn’t have the upper body strength to do Barefoot Ballet. However, Sarah built us up slowly and my arms are now both stronger and more toned. It’s certainly not all in the arms though, it’s a full body work out and my legs and core feel it too! I really love the class, the music, and the challenge of learning something totally new and original. The time flies as you are so busy trying to perfect the moves.” Zoe Patel, Harpenden, 2016.