Silver Swans – Over 55s Ballet

The Silver Swans® classes have been specifically designed for the over-55s. Based on research into dance practice for older learners and developed by the Royal Academy of Dance, this programme can only be taught by Silver Swans® licensed teachers like me!

The benefits of ballet for the over 55s are well documented. The low impact nature of ballet is a much more beneficial form of exercise for this age group than some other forms of exercise. The classes help to improve balance, flexibility, core strength and posture. Each class will include barre exercises, centre work and adagio. The classes are a great way to get a deeper understanding of the basics of ballet, or as an introduction to ballet itself. It is never too late to learn ballet!

Silver Swans is an excellent class for practice and personal development. Sarah is highly professional and pays a lot of attention to posture and execution, but only ever corrects within the limitations of your individual ability. Her attention to detail and to understanding each pupil enables those of us who are more mature dancers to achieve our best and indulge our passion for ballet.” Diane

Attending ballet classes, for those of us over a certain age, can seem like a daunting experience – but there is nothing to be scared of! Ballet classes run by Sarah allow everyone to work at their own pace, and develop their own skills, without feeling clumsy, awkward or ridiculous.  Indeed, there are times when we feel graceful and elegant!!! As an overall workout, ballet cannot be beaten and, with the mutual support and encouragement which Sarah, and all the class members provide to each other, we all finish the class feeling revived, fit and toned. Ballet is a tremendously challenging discipline but also an extremely rewarding one, and Sarah’s classes are full of encouragement and motivation so that we all work to our own limits and to reach our own goals – there is no competition, we are simply working to be the best that we can. We don’t criticise each other at all and no, we are never likely to make the Royal Ballet (!) but do we care? Frankly, no – we enjoy class, it does us good, and we improve as much as we can. What more can anyone wish for? Come and find out for yourself!” Caroline L