“I’m too big for ballet – I will stand out like a sore thumb”

Ballet Body classes are designed for any body shape and any level of fitness. No one is judging you in my classes. Do not be put off by the stereotypical size criteria for ballet. The classes encourage women to feel good about themselves and their lives, to foster a love of ballet and gain a better understanding of their bodies.

“But I’m not a dancer – I’m not graceful enough”

Ballet Body classes are inspired by ballet, but are designed for everyone. No dance or fitness experience is necessary. Complete beginners are welcome. Don’t be intimidated – trying out new moves will help with body awareness and co-ordination.

Ballet Body Classes

“I’m nervous about trying something new”

Life needs to be shaken up from time to time. Without change, or moving outside your comfort zone, life would become dull, predictable and uninteresting. Go on! Dare yourself, scare yourself and take a risk.

“What will a class consist of?”

Ballet Body Fitness is a one hour total body workout. The class starts with a warm up and the focus of the remainder of the class is on low impact toning exercises and stretches through mat and resistance work.

Ballet Body Classes

“What do I need to bring?”

You will need a pilates/yoga mat and a bottle of water. Wear something comfortable but closely fitting (leggings/yoga pants). Bare feet or grip socks are ideal but you can wear ballet shoes if you have them.

“Will it be hard?”

Well, you will certainly discover muscles that you were not aware existed! The classes are high intensity but not too difficult for you to feel a sense of achievement. Some exercises can be taken at a different level, so you can always stay at the more basic level if you find it too challenging, or if you are getting tired.

Ballet is a great “in the moment” activity. It is the beauty of applying movement and focus to music. It is a must try for everyone.

Send me your questions to sarah@balletbody.co.uk