Man Up

Man Up classes are classes for men only. It is a one hour total body workout, focusing on improving strength and flexibility, building speed and extension in your legs and providing you with more body awareness.

Not sure if this class is for you? Read on…

“Ballet is for girls”, “It’s not a masculine thing”, “I’d feel stupid”

Ballet is the most rigorous athletic training of all. However, any reference to “ballet” or “barre” as an alternative training or conditioning method usually produces the above emotional reactions from men. If you think ballet is for sissies you are wrong. Just ask Evander Holyfield (former World Heavyweight Champion), Batman (Christian Bale) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), who all studied ballet.

“Is this for me?”, “Do I need to be fit to take the class?”, “I’m no dancer!”

Man Up classes are a low impact full body workout focusing on improving core strength, balance, posture and flexibility. The classes are inspired by ballet, but are designed for everyone. No dance or fitness experience is necessary. Complete beginners are welcome.

“This is a great core strengthening and flexibility workout, that has helped both my running and resistance training. I look forward to the sessions until we are only half way through and it is hurting! You definitely feel ‘the burn’. It’s no surprise that professional footballers do this kind of training.” – Tim Davey, Harpenden

Man Up Class

“What are the benefits of a ballet/barre workout?” “Can a ballet workout improve my football/running/swimming/cycling skills?”

Many sports coaches have realised the benefits of ballet training and now incorporate it into their training programmes. Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand incorporated ballet conditioning into their training programme for years to keep them injury free.

The skills required for football include strength, flexibility, agility and mental preparedness. Cyclists need strength, heightened stability and flexibility to achieve the correct positioning on the bicycle, swimmers need a strong core while their limbs are doing extreme movements in the water and runners need endurance, a strong core for speed and mental focus.

Ballet benefits elite athletes and anyone else looking to shake up their workout regime. It improves your strength (targeting and using muscles that are not used in other fitness programmes or sports, particularly your core), increases your flexibility (reducing risk of injury), builds speed and extension in your legs and connects your mind to your body.

“We knew that our elite divers would benefit from learning the discipline of ballet technique. We asked Sarah if she could help in the run up to a national competition. Sarah put together a tailored programme for the team and we noticed marked improvement in their core strength, flexibility and alignment (line). Sarah was great with the team and identified and understood what they needed.  She helped us to build in some really useful additional structured training to support the team’s development. Since our work with Sarah, two of our divers have become National Champions, which is very exciting.
In our view, other sports should consider incorporating ballet as part of their training and conditioning programmes, as the benefits are invaluable.”  Harry Glover, Diving Development Officer, Active Luton.

“What will a class consist of?”

Man Up is a ballet inspired one hour total body workout. The class starts with a warm up and the focus of the remainder of the class is on low impact but high intensity toning exercises and stretches through mat and resistance work. And just in case you were wondering…there is NO DANCING involved.

“Why should I incorporate a ballet/barre workout? I already work out.”

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…” Albert Einstein. Enough said.

“What do I need to bring?”

You will need a pilates/yoga mat and a bottle of water. Wear something comfortable. Bare feet or grip socks are ideal. You don’t have to wear men’s ballet tights but if you really want to…

So, do you have the balls for ballet?

Break down those stereotypes. Look past the exterior of ballet and see it for what it is. A challenging, high intensity athletic workout where you will feel “the burn” and improve your conditioning immeasurably.