Barefoot Ballet

The Barefoot Ballet workout is a form of body weight exercise, i.e. you are using your own bodyweight to provide the resistance for the movement. The whole body, full range of motion exercises, will increase your strength, stability, flexibility, fluidity of movement and create a heightened body awareness.

The focus of the class is on moving the body through space using all four limbs. The entire body will be moving, rather than isolated muscle groups. This primitive movement pattern is one of the oldest styles of movement in our history. Barefoot Ballet’s ballet-inspired combination of slow, sustained and dynamic movements, punctuated with the occasional turn, spring, or jump, are designed to develop grace, balance, co-ordination and mobility of the body. By moving steadily and continuously the body is performing the adage section of a classical ballet class but on all fours! The music that accompanies this workout allows you to display your unique musicality and feeling for quality of movement.

As a form of bodyweight exercise, Barefoot Ballet will improve cardiovascular endurance by frequently changing your body position, keeping the heart rate elevated, while body weight and gravity work together to strengthen and sculpt your muscles.

No previous dance experience is necessary to attend this class, however, a basic level of fitness is required.

What are people saying about Barefoot Ballet?

“I am thoroughly enjoying Barefoot Ballet. After each class you feel like you’ve had a great workout for both body and mind as you learn and perfect the different moves and postures. I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with my own body and challenging myself, and I can feel the improvement in my core strength. It’s a very friendly class with a great sense of camaraderie. We all help each other and have a laugh when we make mistakes. Sarah is an inspiring and creative teacher and in Barefoot Ballet she has developed an exciting new form of ballet-inspired exercise.” Jo Melville, Harpenden, 2016

“Barefoot Ballet is different to anything I have ever done before… it is challenging and fun.  Sarah is a great teacher.  I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their body strength in a friendly and relaxed class.” Charlotte Aubrey, Harpenden, 2016

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first attended Sarah’s class. Barefoot Ballet is definitely different to any other class I have attended. It’s dynamic, challenges the brain and the body and feels like a ballet yoga fusion. Sarah’s focus on technique is amazing. I have only attended a couple of classes so far, which literally stretched me to the limit. A fantastic class, which I thoroughly enjoy. Take a towel and some water and be prepared to sweat!” Antoinette De-La-Motta, Watford, 2016

“Before starting this class I was nervous that I simply didn’t have the upper body strength to do Barefoot Ballet. However, Sarah built us up slowly and my arms are now both stronger and more toned. It’s certainly not all in the arms though, it’s a full body work out and my legs and core feel it too! I really love the class, the music, and the challenge of learning something totally new and original. The time flies as you are so busy trying to perfect the moves.” Zoe Patel, Harpenden, 2016.



Click below to see a sample of the moves performed in a Barefoot Ballet workout.