Adult Ballet class

This is a 1 hour classical ballet class (which includes barre exercises, centre work, adagio and allegro), where you will learn the ballet positions, settings and techniques. You will also be working on improving posture and alignment. The classes are a great way to get a deeper understanding of the basics of ballet (especially if you are already attending Ballet Body fitness classes), or as an introduction to ballet itself.

Ballet Body Basics Class

“I was so glad when I found this ballet class because I like exercising but I prefer it in the form of dance. For anybody who has never done ballet before, it’s not like ballroom dancing or zumba. It’s much calmer and there’s a lot of stretching. It’s excellent for your posture! I would say that it’s a “strictly fun ballet class”, without any sweating. Worth a go!” Denise Bowser, Harpenden